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If you are experiencing problems with your central heating systems we are here to help. If your boiler is not producing efficient heating or hot water our engineers can help you. Whether the problem is with one radiator, a broken pump, valves you can rely on us to keep your home warm and your water hot. Our experienced central heating systems engineers can fix all types of boilers throughout Worcestershire and the West Midlands

Our engineers can provide a same day service or 24 hour emergency repair to assist you so that your home is not left cold. Our central heating systems specialists will come and check your boiler and radiators and ensure that they will be working and be energy efficient.

Whatever your require, such as the installation of radiant heaters or free standing warm air units, Walkwood Plumbing and Heating is happy to help. We can service any existing systems as well as install new ones, there is no property too large so don’t hesitate to
contact us for more information.

An engineer can come and supply central heating systems services to you at times that are convenient for you. If necessary we can guide you on having a new boiler installed, which boiler will provide you with a sufficient heating system for your home.

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Underfloor Heating: How it Works

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Our central heating systems service includes:

  • All our central heating systems engineers offer fixed price repairs
  • All our central heating systems engineers are experienced and qualified staff
  • All our central heating systems work is guaranteed for 12 months
  • Our central heating systems engineers do not charge  for call outs
  • Our central heating systems engineers fully understand all the different types of heating system and can give you advice on the cost of a new boiler if this is necessary
  • Our engineers can install a new boiler if this is needed.

Our central heating systems engineers can guide you in ways to save you money on your electricity bills, they can guide you on how to effectively keep the heat in your home. Our engineers can show you how to use metering and new technology controls to ensure you are more energy efficient and lower the cost you pay. Contact our central heating systems specialists in Redditch to see how we can offer you great customer service for all your heating requirements at competitive prices. We will show you how to get the most out of the central heating system that is installed in your home.

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